Year of construction: 1934-1937
Place of construction: Rijeka (Fiume)
Chassis №:   700316
Production:  One-off prototype

Dimensions and Weight
Overall length: 4.750 mm (1.870,1 in.)
Overall width: 1.720 mm (677,2 in.)
Height without windscreen: 1.030 mm (405,5 in.)
Height with windscreen: 1.150 mm (452,8 in.)
Wheelbase: 2.800 mm (1.102,4 in.)
Track: 1.560 mm (front), 1.505 mm (rear)
Dry weight: 950 kg (2.094,4 lbs)
Weight/power ratio: 2,42 kg/CV (lbs/kW)

Production year: 1934
Serial №: 700316
Type: 6C in-line
Total displacement: 2.309 cc (140,.9 cu in.)
Maximum power: 105 bhp (kW) @ 4.800 rpm
Maximum torque: 170 Nm (lbs/ft) @ 6.000 rpm
Specific power output:  45,6 CV/l

Maximum speed (estimated): >220 km/h (>140 mph)
Transmission:  Alfa Romeo 4-speed plus reverse, mounted with Hardy disc behind the  engine, driven rear wheels, hydraulically assisted clutch, pre-selective gearbox

Tires and brakes
Tyres: 5,50-18 racing crossplies
Wheels: Alfa Romeo 18” in “Rudge” wire spoke
Brakes: two-circuit hydraulic brake system with two fluid distributors and two master brake cylinders, one for the front and one for the rear, duplex race brakes type “Lockheed”, 17 x 2 inch drums all round, adjustable rear brakes, equaliser of brake force for adjustment during driving to avoid overbraking

All-independent, upgraded Auto Union race suspension with “silent bloc” bushes
Front: top wishbones with lever-arm “Houdaille” hydraulic shock absorbers
Transverse: leaf spring and longitudinal torsion bars
Steering Worm and sector with Hardy disc

Alfa Romeo 4-speed plus reverse, mounted with Hardy disc behind the  engine, driven rear wheels, hydraulically-assisted clutch, pre-selective gearbox

Steel three-seater with central driving position
Streamlined with fully enveloping underbody and integrated wings
Body work designed by Oscar Jankovits, built at the Jankovits garage in Rijeka (Fiume), 1936 –1937